Please argue here.  Respond to each other.  I’ll check in every once in a while to see what’s happening and maybe add a thought or two.  Think of this like a medieval university disputation or something of that nature.  Feel free to role-play if you want.  Take on a position even if you don’t agree with it.  Say something a bit strange if you need to.  This will be up and available until the end of Week 14 (Friday the 14th).

Please address a question.  Either respond to one from the suggested questions below, or make up a question and respond to it.  Then, everybody get in there and reply and debate and argue.  Try to get something going.  Be provocative if you think it will help.  Feel free to create an alternate personality… say Artimus Aristotle, or Peggy Plato, or Gertrude Galen, or Timmy Tufayl.

Feel free to propose your own questions if something strikes you.

Please try to spice up your own ideas with things from class.

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